November 16, 2017 //
New creative textile construction using innovative braiding technology and materials // November 2017

DSM and Meister Provide Foundation for Medical Device Design
by Philippe Gédet, Development, Meister & Cie AG and Lavinia Panella, Senior Applications Development/Technical Support, DSM Biomedical

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22. Februar 2016 //
What kind of braiding fits your medical device?  //  Februar 2016

Von Philippe Gédet, Entwicklung, Meister & Cie AG

Braidings can replace and enhance traditional rigid structures made of stainless steel, plastic or ceramic. They offer different new ways of application in various fields, enabling a more natural, lifelike movement within the body. The ability of braidings to adapt to the anatomical surroundings more flexibly is essential for the improvement of patient safety, which is one of the central points in today’s healthcare systems.

In this context, Meister & Cie AG is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and highly specialized in medical braidings, offering everything under one roof with its own specially built medical facility. Quality is part and parcel of everything Meister does, both in case of the development of new products itself and in the form of innovative concepts concerning the production environment: Meister’s new production concept called ‘clean room in clean room’, where clean room cells are placed within the clean room, is one of the answers to constantly increasing regulatory requirements in the med-tech field.

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21. April 2015 //
Cleanliness for high patient safety –
from clean fibers and clean braiding process to finished components  //  April 2015

Von Philippe Gédet, Entwicklung, Meister & Cie AG

As global medtech companies are gaining in size due to mergers or acquisitions, they become slower in reacting  o new trends or innovations. This is where smaller and highly specialized companies such as Meister & Cie AG can play an important role in the future. R&D and serial production under one roof, direct communication, fast decision making and implementation of new trends and technologies and – last but not least – the ability to implement and to react fast to new regulatory regulations are among the core competencies of Meister & Cie AG. All these qualities help to reduce the complexity of new projects at MDCs and result in a more streamlined approval process, a shorter time to market and a higher level of cost efficiency.

Moreover, the new concept of clean room cells within the clean room, which was introduced by Meister & Cie AG, offers both flawless production of clean and high-quality textile braiding in a controlled environment and a higher level of flexibility in the operation of the infrastructure, which also leads to higher cost efficiency.

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20. November 2013 //
Eine starke Partnerschaft zur Entwicklung medizinischer Mikrostrukturen  //  September 2013

DSM und Meister legen Fundament für medizinischen Fortschritt
Von Carola Hansen, Direktorin, UHMWPE Biomaterial, DSM; und Marcel Meister, CEO, Meister & Cie AG


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